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What? Why? How? D & War ??????
by hanicool2000 (movies profile) Sep 17, 2007
Dragon is oriental symbol. Python try dragon in his life.

I think D-war is not dragon, However you must understand this movie is a period of transition Python to dragon.

Do you know Director SIM? or His life.
If you tried to understand who is he,
you would like to watch this movie again.

You can find potentialities of him and his movie.
And then you can find another real Dragon.

↑ 이정도는 애교.


by vintageblue01 (movies profile) Dec 12, 2005
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Well I am japanese and i just saw this movie today..I am shocked and impressed by good picture!
This movie is really terrific!!
I hope 'D-war' rocks the world!
And i wanna say

"Dokdo island is certainly belongs to KOREA!!"

↑ 압권?


this movie is my dream...
by kywxx (movies profile) Mar 23, 2006
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i'm really exciting and i hope this movie is succeful this movie is only one koreans SF movie...
please on the top please everybody can watch this movie....and please boxoffice 1!!!!!...................i believe sim
!!!god jesus help korea!!!!!!!

↑ 이것도 애교 카테고리.


Bravo!! in Graphics, Boo.. in Acting&Casting
by bohomix (movies profile) Sep 14, 2007
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Skeptic of previous reviews that are posted here that are based on only by watching trailer, I first presumed that this movie is so horrible and people are just trying to hide its horribleness.

But actually, when I finally watched this movie last night, I found this movie pretty awesome.
I do not know about this movie's director very well,(name was...shim??) so I do not know how his previous movies were like, but just base on this movie, I think he does have some quality of making great SF movies.

(+ thumbs-ups b)
Like I said in title, the CG Graphic quality in Dragon war is gorgeous. Although I was confused of snake-looking like creature be called as "dragon", just by judging in pure graphic quality, FIVE stars in detail, cell posture, and swift muslce movement. The Battle scenes are breathtaking. It is very realistic and I couldn't believe these CGs were created by a director with such little experience.

Good qualities in realistic sounds and exciting music.

The story line was pretty unique and interesting.
(deserted half-dragon does a good deed and reborns it self as ultimate dragon)
It submerged pretty well with the awesome graphic. I probably would have given an A on storyline if it wasn't for the sucky actors.....

(-thumbs-downs p)
I dunno whether director shim didn't have enough money to recruit excellent actors, but I have to be honest. Shim might have a good sense in story-directing/CG graphics, but he certainly lacks a quality of choosing good actors. Especially those 2 main characters!!! their acting was just sooo bad.... I am sorry, but they ruined the whole good qualities in this movie.

Shim, seriously, next time if you want to make a better SF movies, do a better job in casting, and making scripts.

If you like Graphics, Battle scenes, Fantasy or
Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter
The Hulk
go see it cuz it is pretty awesome Graphic movie.

If you give importance in storyline, actors acts,
and script,
don't go see it or do if you have nothing else to do.

↑ 진지하다.


Not bad at all as people say!!
by yvawoo (movies profile) Sep 14, 2007
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Stop ranting and raving about this movie. I really enjoyed the whole movie from the beginning to the ending credit.

The story is very interesting because it transforms the old legend of Korea into the story of modern day LA very well, which synergistically elevates the originality of the story line. The time and space of the scenes are also very mystically arranged to enhance the relation between ancient Korea and modern LA. Although the characters change from Koreans to Caucasians, the creatures and evil army are the missing links connecting the entirely dichotic elements of the time and space.

The LA battle scene is one of the most exhilarating movie battle scene I have ever seen. The fight between Apache helicopters and flying dragons are nothing like any other movies. Whenever the helicopters bump into flying dragons, I felt as if I was attacked by the awesome creatures.

The story is not as awkward as some people said. I found myself pretty well dove into the story line without much glitches. The plot flows fluently thanks to the detailed directing. Things are exactly where they supposed to be. If any single element of the scenes are missing, probably the scenes would not connect well, however, when time passes or the place changes, the reason of the transition is well explained.

Oriental dragons are different from western ones. For example, they don't have wings. They metamorphose from a serpent into a celestial dragon with the power of dragon ball (Yo yi ju). They are not monsters which sometimes do harmful deed to the people like the western ones. Rather they are creatures which rules the sky, weather, rain which are all critical everyday elements in traditionally agricultural oriental society. So,the dragon is a symbol of emperors in ancient dynasties in China and Korea, also a symbol of good luck, health, wealth and fertility.

Just seeing an oriental dragon visualized in such a detail makes this movie worth to see. Besides, old Korean village, costume and soldiers and guards are surprisingly well presented in this movie, which is very educational to any people who has little or no exposure to that culture. The music used for ending credit is a Korean folk song called 'Arirang'.

Watch this movie. This movie is like a Christmas gift package. It has fun, excitement, culture, myth, visuals and music. The ten bucks you paid for you and your children have never been worth this much.

↑ 에라 모르겄다 진지한거 하나 추가.


by algiyu (movies profile) Sep 14, 2007
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Be careful some of JEALOUS RACISTS postings that have flooded yahoo's movie review site! Many took by surprise some of jealous losers bashing on Korean movie, these losers can't stand ANY Korean doing better than their one, Many movie goer says the D-WAR was very entertaining SCi-Fi movie, A brilliant piece of fantasy storytelling and especially younger crowds loved the movie after they saw it. Don't believe bad mouthing Korean haters who vigerously come out posting on this boards! Those Who Stir up Hatred Often Have Ulterior Motives.

↑ 이분은 분노 中.


I highly recommend this movie
by ysunigi (movies profile) Sep 15, 2007
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This movie is something you can just watch and enjoy.
As all people say, story line was not perfect
and so was the actors.
but I could enjoy it for myself. Moreover, it's like the first movie from Korea that has widely released. Can you imagine how big work they have made in that small country? In other movies, Koreans were reflected negatively but it's different this movie. I think this movie can compete with other movies easily.

↑ 이 조그마한 나라를 사랑해주시는 미국분께 나름 감사 (나름 진지).


by vitog@sbcglobal.net (movies profile) Sep 15, 2007
I simply stayed and watched this film to see just how bad it was going to get.
And by the end of the film I was satisfied that I was correct, it did not get better.

Needs an ambulance!!

↑ 내용은 뭐 그저 그런데 제목 센스에 낚였음.

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